Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Ekonomi

You can recognize a liar and you might want to try to switch from recognizing a lie to seek the truth, so before I start I want to do is explain my purpose, not to teach a game of “Gotcha!” Recognize the lies are not children’s, children fussing in the back yelled, “Gotcha! Got!” your eyebrows twitching. I watch the TV show “Lied to me,” “I know you’re lying.” No, lies identifier armed with scientific knowledge about how to recognize a lie. Think about it, lies not have the power if only the growing power of words alone when other people agree to believe the lies.
Lying is a partnership and not all lies are bad. Lied to bridge the gap to connect the hopes and fantasies about who we are and how we want the people we are and we want to fill that gap in our lives with lies.
No human being can keep a secret if his lips silently, speaking with his fingertips body language, here’s what you do have to get rid of all your assumption that because we think a liar constantly worried. Fact has been known liars will not move the upper body while lying . We think a liar is not going to see your eyes. Actually, the liar to see your eyes a little too much to offset the myth that, we think the warmth and smile express honesty, sincerity.
Honest people will not cooperate and they will show on your side. They will be enthusiastic and willing to help you get the truth. Now let’s say you say the exact same thing with a person that might be lying down, look down, lowering her voice, stop, like stunned.
Have a liar tell the story they will spice it up with too much detail with things that are not related and they will tell his story with a sequence completely chronological. And we will not become an instant expert in facial expression, but there is a dangerous thing that I can teach, and it’s easy, it is the expression of an understatement. For example we know, the liar will change their blink rate, directing his feet toward the exit they changed their tone, often makes it less here is the point of this behavior is behavior, not the evidence of our untruth making behavior that indicates deception everywhere all the time . But when you see a bunch of these behaviors, it is a sign. Look, listen, explore, and ask the tough questions, use the method to know the unusual, use a sense of curiosity, have inquired a little more dignity, treat him with appropriate and not too aggressive It will not work.
When you combine science with art to recognize the lie to see, hear, you free yourself from working together in untruth . A initiate steps to become a little more assertive because you give a sign to all those around you by saying, “Hey, my world, our world will be an honest world. My world would be a world in which truth and error are identified and rectified marginalized. “And when you do a foothold around you starts to shift slightly.
And that’s the reality. Thank you.


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