Tips confident

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Ekonomi

A. Know your first source of your insecurity. Is the source of the problem because no self percya on physical appearance, or the existence of the position you are in fact lower (for example, you do not feel equal and feel less valuable), or because of your ignorance on the topics to be discussed in the presence of superiors.
2. Make a list of sources do not believe you because each source will be different ways of handling. This method is seen reading a map can help you find the problem and solution steps. It should be understood that any person who “most confident once the world” have no confidence respectively. So the problem is generally faced by every human being.
3. Do not think that you are worse than other people you meet and vice versa do not also think that other people better than yourself. Every person has the “value” of each unique and distinctive. No one is born perfect mesk iitu our superiors. Discover the best potential and you are special. In this case, you alone are to be the navigator of your best potential. Find out!
4. Talk with people in the meeting without any sense of doubt and just assume they also want to listen to (input) you. Everything you need to take very as part of the study. To assist in meeting readiness, then you must know and prepare the topics and materials will be discussed. Sometimes people are not confident because they do not master the topic.
5. To help foster self-confidence, identify success stories that you’ve achieved during the work. Everyone has a success story that gives each one a certain confidence. Give yourself space to feel proud of it, although it’s a small story. Express your pride. Give thanks to the success ever achieved. “Success breeds success” and that it will build a new confidence and new motivation for you.
6. In the engagement at every meeting, familiarize yourself understand our problem from different perspectives. Understand how the boss thinks that having a strategic perspective. You yourself have to think on “Desired outcomes” of any matter subject and the extent to which you can play a role in the success of the material in question.
7. Think positive and do not let the outside environment lowers your self esteem because you are in control of your potential in the future. Think, act and speak positively to anyone who is in attendance. If our words in a meeting is deemed wrong by the supervisor / management, just think of it as part of learning.
8. Always learn to “smile” and you can train yourself in the mirror. It follows the philosophy of “facial feedback theory”. Seeing yourself smiling in the glass will help the brain to instruct a number of positive emotions and helps you look charming, happy with yourself and in turn facilitate the formation of your speaking skills in a variety of work


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