What is Self-Confidence?

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Ekonomi

Confidence is part of the subconscious and is not affected by rational argument only of Things That are affected by emotional and feelings. To build the confidence needed the same tools, the emotions, feelings, and imagination That Will Positively increase of self-confidence. Instead of emotions, feelings and imagination will That Reduced the negative self-esteem. how we are always surrounded by maximizing the positive energy? Consider the Following tips:
A. Eliminate the negative influences.
From birth and throughout life we ​​experience positive and negative stimuli from the environment turns. The man all his life received a negative stimulus will have a Relatively low confidence levels. Negative stimuli may come from family, community, office or work environment, schools and etc. What if we are caught in a state of human relations are very bad, look for a solution soon. The first way is to make-peace or compromise with the environment. Sincerely thank conditions. But if you do not bring positive results, better get out of that environment any cost.
2. Recognition and Awards
Recognition and appreciation of the existence of others, our actions or achievements, will greatly enhance your confidence. The problem is not many other people are doing it. The solution is to join a group of people who positive. Alternatively, we can start by doing the recognition and respect for Ourselves. Any small positive actions That We Do, Recognize in Ourselves, or give a small gift.
3. Praise
Just as recognition, praise may increase of our confidence. Who is not happy when someone praises appearance, intelligence or expertise. Praise was rarely given the environment the majority of people think negatively.
4. Pamper yourself
Pamper yourself is Important and Necessary. Because then we would feel as a human being is valuable and can appreciate other people.
5. Think well of Themselves
It’s the easiest way to increase of our confidence, Because It can be done anytime and anywhere.
6. Get the positive input through the five senses
Positive input can be obtained through heroic stories, success stories, motivational and emotional stories of Successful leaders or businessmen. These stori can us to think and act Positively. We can get input from the books, tapes, and tv.
7. Make a habit of being positive
Begin to be positive of yourself by doing it on daily life. Make sure the memory we just keep a positive event. Of view of others in a draw with us. Always do right. And show That we indeed have a sense of confidence.


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